Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elder Toutai's Photo album so far

Hey all. These are pictures from Elder Toutai so far and his commentaries on them. I am posting these for Melanie. Thanks Melanie.

Elder Toutai's commentaries are in blue.

Ok the first one here is me at temple square. Thats about it haha

The second one is the lame MTC picture every one takes of where they are going.

Elder Toutai is the Far right

Here is a second set of pictures from him with his commentaries.
Picture 1 is a bag of milk. Awesome right?!
Picture 2 is the whirlpool bath. Unexpected right?!?!

This is the whirlpool bath we have at the apartment, its amazing! haha! Apparently the apartment im in is the best in the whole mission so its all downhill from here huahha!

Picture 3 is my nametag. Delightful right?!?!

Elder Toutai and his room mates in the MTC