Thursday, August 12, 2010

The day before the MTC.

Mele'ofa here. I am the lucky one who got to spend the day with Henry right before he went into the Missionary Training Center

And doesn't he look dashing? I was amazed when I saw him. My little brother, all grown up. He looks every part the missionary. 

We went and grabbed his suitcase and headed off. We ran errands for a couple of hours. Everything from the Distribution Center to Mr. Mac and Ross. It was good times. Poor Henry wanted to go crazy with buying shoes, but he reigned himself in. :) Poor vain guy. hahahaha. Only kidding. It was really great, though to see his excitement and energy for his mission. Dustin and I both agree we have never seen a young man more ready to serve the Lord.

He did some service at our house. :) He helped Miaya collect the chicken eggs. And we also had a neighborhood party we had to be at and he was a trooper and came along too.
 This is us across the street from the MTC. There's a parking lot across the street that we were to say good bye in. They no longer allow anyone on the campus, and so we had our lunch, and then hopped in the car, and took him to the MTC. It was pretty intense, first getting to the parking lot, and young fellow at the entrance asked me "What are you here for?" and I was like "Umm...I'm bringing my brother to the MTC." And he was all super serious and letting me know of the procedures to follow. We were NOT allowed to go onto the campus. We were NOT allowed to take pictures. It was drop off only. Etc.  I was scared of breaking the rules! But then we got to the next fellow, and he was so nice! He said to take our time and say our good byes and then to head to the MTC and they'd let us know what to do when we got there. I wasn't scared after talking to that guy. :)

We dropped him off, I gave him a quick hug, which I think was against the rules, and took this pic of him walking off. I didn't even cry! But I drove too fast out of the drop off area because one of the Elders pointing out where to go gave me a disapproving look and made hand motions to slow down. I think I was going 10 miles per hour. :D hahahaha. My bad.

I'm so excited for him.

As it says in Doctrine & Covenants 31:3 the "hour of your mission is come".


  1. yay I am so glad you posted this. Its great to see him as a missionary! It makes me very happy.

  2. YaY! excellent post! great pictures! is that a fellow missionary helping henry with his bags? was it someone waiting for HIM? hehe So wonderful and Exciting!

  3. Yes, that was a fellow missionary. They were everywhere ready to help the newbies. He was waiting for whomever pulled into the spot we were in. So he was waiting for him, yes, but not him specifically. We were in spot number 10. There were like 30 all together.

  4. Thanks Mele'Ofa and how fun. I love the photos and your words. I am sure some people are just too serious. Of course you can give your brother a hug.