Monday, August 23, 2010

Letters From Elder Toutai: The MTC

Melanie Here! I wrote to Elder Toutai the first monday he was out, I didn't expect anything though because I thought It was too late for him to reply, but then I got a pleasant Surprise on Thursday! Elder Toutai Replied! huhuhu He had p days on thursday while he was in the MTC, (I think) hehe huhuhu Well! Let me give you a quick little blip of his email! (I'm so slack! haha He is out in the field now, so all the stuff is past tense hehe Erfitt! or sumsing..)

He LOVED the MTC, He was very excited about being there and about the prospect of Preaching the Gospel and being able to Help Others Come Unto Christ. He thought people in the world would probably think he was Crazy! (the exclamation point was ALL his haha!) Because Of how excited he was to serve. I wrote some Icelandic and he was excited about understanding it haha Lets have an Excerpt(I think thats what its called)

"I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WROTE haha. Ive been reading the book of mormon in english and icelandic Groberg style. Well not exactly im just writing down the vocabulary that I Don't understand so I can keep and improve my icelandic for when I get back.

My zone leaders are going to Norway and they name tags say elsta im like hohoho thats oldest not elder, na not really!"

Such a Lovley Missionary! He requests lots of emails and mails and packages and all things a missionary should get without asking! hehe Remember to email him!! whoever you may be!

He Ends His Email so Wonderfull that I will insert another excerpt in closing

"Thank you for your prayers!

Stay safe and god bless

Elder Toutai"


  1. Thanks for posting this melanie! I love it. I wrote him a tiny email finally. I need to go to the post office and buy some canada priced stamps so I can write snail mails.

  2. I love it too! I too wrote him a blip of an email. Just so he has my email address. The postcards to Canada from here are 75 cents, I think. A letter would be a little bit more.

    He's so great! Thanks Melanie.